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Ruth's story

In one of our departments called Creative Market, we have one of our makers who doubles as a former student of our training program. Meet Ruth. She has been able to use her skills to make products to earn the money needed to support her family in an amazing way. She saved enough capital from her basket weaving to build a house for her and her family, she even was able to install a small solar panel to provide them with light.

Previously, her family of 7 people were renting just one small room, and as you can imagine, times became quite challenging. As a single mother of a 2 year old girl named Victoria, and also herself struggling with epilepsy, she came to Sanyu Rising needing help.

"I had lost hope, and as an orphan myself I was struggling. I came to Sanyu Rising and it has given me value! They have shown me love, and they have made me feel important. As a single mother no one supported me or wanted to stay near me, but now my family has grown to see me and respect me. I feel at home, I don't feel stressed and have reduced in my seizure attacks because they have brought me peace.

Thank you Sanyu Rising for the good staff and donors who have shown me love and have shown us light. I am now a teacher of basket weaving, and hope to see bigger success in the coming years of how I can support myself"



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