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In our work with children living on the streets of our area, our hope is to facilitate familial reunification wherever possible, with the goal of assisting children with the transition from life on the street to life back in a home. Through our forms of outreach we strive to develop in these children and teens a sense of belonging and value, a realization of their potential, a desire to re-enter into education systems, and a desire to become drug-free -reentering into society with a fresh start. We try to partner with other organizations working with children living on the streets wherever possible to further the work of helping children off the streets in a dignified way.


We offer a reading and feeding program where the children are consistently given faith-based teaching and mentorship, a meal, a time for play and a time for literacy activities. In addition to providing a time for children in need  to receive a warm meal, we help establish habits & a pattern of learning with the children which draws their interest into returning or attending school-which allows us to help further our mission to see children off the streets & into homes + back to school. 



We provide a weekly fellowship in partnership with a local church. Weekly, through our program children are given supplies to shower, given fresh clothing for the week, given breakfast, attend a Bible study fellowship,  then are escorted to attend a church service, given lunch, then attend pre-school lessons offered by our staff. 

We regularly take this time to provide for the children's basic needs like shaving or hair cuts  for hygiene reasons, then use the opportunity to connect more with the children to learn more about how family reunions can be made possible in the future. 




We work alongside local government & with the child + family protection unit of the police force to try to track down the closest suitable family members who can assume  care taker roles for the children we work with to ethically reunite families. Our hope with family visitations and reunifications is to help facilitate the strengthening of familial bonds between the estranged child and their family. To create an environment that removes the fear from the child in the process of exploring the option to re-enter home/family life, with counseling for both the child and the family as to what is required for reunification in the way of character development and preparedness for meeting the needs of caring for a child again under these circumstances, leading conversations of reconciliation. We coach both parties in the requirements to obtain financial self-sustainability to be able to meet the needs of the family and create a healthy reunited family environment. 


To the children who are ready to launch back into school and family life with a strong desire to learn, we provide school sponsorship, providing school requirements and fees to allow a child to join a boarding school that will provide them a fresh start in a live-in learning environment detached from their reputation of their past, the influence of drugs, and negative influences. 

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