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On rotation with our women's training - the men enrolled in our discipleship, skill-building, and business training program learn and grow spiritually, in their motivation towards work, the desire to continue to develop to become a consistent provider to their family, and in their skill sets. 

We offer mentorship & training that teach men how to overcome obstacles many of the men in our area face-alcoholism, drug addiction, lack of assuming leadership roles. 

In training the men learn various income generating skills such as auto and motorcycle mechanics, woodcarving & more with future training set for leatherwork, catering, sewing machine repair, management, and welding.

We also provide sponsorship for apprenticeship & intensive job training + offer sponsorship for a man to obtain proper licensing post apprenticeship where applicable. 



Through “Men’s care groups” that  provides an environment of learning, accountability,  sharing the Word of God, and the development of skills that equip men to lead within their homes -feeling more equipped for childcare and home leadership or contribution to work at home we have strived to serve young men.



Learn how you can pitch in & help fund a specific ministry project, help out with personal needs or contribute to the over all routine ministry needs

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