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An Answered Prayer

A testimony from one of our Creative Workshop students, Lydia, on how her time at Sanyu Rising has impacted her outlook on her future:


Before I came to Sanyu Rising Ministry my life was full of misery and stress that could make me ask myself a lot of questions of how my future would be. First, when I was at school, I would cry a lot of tears because of school fees. That went on until I gave up with school. While I was staying out of school, I conceived my first child. I went on for marriage but things did not work out well and it failed. After two years, I ended up getting pregnant again with my second child, and life became so much harder. It was then followed by my father falling sick, and it was very hard to care for him. I prayed to God for help, asking for at least the opportunity to attend a training course. I remember praying for this for so long and enduring the suffering, and after a good time God answered my prayer when my aunt gave me the news that she heard about a place called Sanyu Rising. I got accepted and joined. I got to know a lot more about God, the Bible and learning different skills. I began studying and growing spiritually, learning memory verses, and doing skills training in baking, tailoring, and other practical crafts. After that I began to see my future in a bright way. After my graduation next month, I hope to become a tailor, and maybe start a small business as a baker. I first want to say Thank You to the Almighty God for answering my prayers, and then I want to say Thank You to Sanyu Rising and the director Molly for supporting me and all the staff who helped care for me.


_ Ikasilon Lydia

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