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We offer discipleship, skill-building, and business training to young women with the intent that they will grow spiritually, emotionally, and in a dignified skill or income generating craft. 


 We offer holistic training with the intent of seeing the students grow in characteristics that will equip them for a  knowledgeable self-sustainable future in business, a hope-filled life with Christ, the innate sense of belonging and value, and the embrace of their unique creativity.  

Through discipleship the women embrace fellowship, accountability, the deepening of their practical & applicable knowledge of scripture, and leadership skills as they learn to research and teach on women in the Bible. 

Through business training we ensure that the skills obtained in training can be taken to another level through applicable business training, in addition to the gain of real business experience in the learning setting. Ensuring the skills gained during training can become a profitable well-managed business. 

The students learn this through financial management, accounting, record keeping, accurate pricing, savings/investments , branding, marketing, business ethics, consumer mathematics, how to utilize technology for your business, customer-care/service, how to create business presentations, apply for loans, and more.


A great portion of the women who we enroll are young single mothers, to allow our mothers an opportunity to study in general or study without the added stress, we offer baby care. We offer diapers, food, and loving full-day care throughout the week during class for the infants and toddlers of the mothers in training. 



Fellowship groups allow for the continued spiritual growth for our alumni ladies to continue to grow spiritually and in their friendships and for young ladies in the community to make friends with other young women while growing in their faith. 



Our heart for young mothers motivates us to establish fellowship groups and create training opportunities for them but also to help remove some of the anxiety and burdens around giving birth by offering mama kits to expectant mothers. Mama Kits are sterilized self-contained kits with necessary supplies for a delivery that an expectant mother carries to the hospital, clinic, or care facility that is to be given over to the person(s) helping her deliver her child-in the hopes of having a clean and healthy, well equipped delivery. 

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Learn how you can pitch in & help fund a specific ministry project, help out with personal needs or contribute to the over all routine ministry needs

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