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Through community wide reading and feeding programs we strive to add additional nutrition to the diets of children and allow members of the community (primarily children) a time to discover through reading. We take this opportunity to marry vocabulary building exercises, literacy based games, global discovery sessions, scripture memorization, read-aloud time, silent individual reading time and one-on-one tutoring time. 


Both in our community wide reading + feeding program and in our after school reading time for the children at our partnering school-we strive to create an environment where we hope to foster a love of learning, the expansion of world views, and the development of literacy skills- with a focus on making sure all of the members feel seen, heard, valued. 



Through Children’s skill-building programs we create time for children to learn how to express their creativity as they begin to get comfortable using their hands for things that can be useful in the future as an income-generating skill or as a form of artistic expression with a focus on our leaders showing care, interest, and encouragement to the children. 

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We put on a camp for children in our community where children learn about God, who He says they are,  offering children a personal encounter with an example of God’s love for them while the children are also educated in matters of their physical health, and receive instruction in practical skill building that can serve them and their family as they grow. 

A great percentage of the children in our area are without a deep understanding of God or the hope that can be found in Him. They are learning to navigate life without an adult role model that can offer guidance on matters from faith, relationships, to physical personal health or hygiene. We see a lot of spiritual, physical, emotional confusion and  stunted growth. 

We strive to create time to lovingly address some of the spiritual, emotional, and physical questions and/or  needs that these kids face. Tying all of those areas together through the lens of being so deeply loved by God and what it means for the children to apply that mindset to all aspects of their lives. 

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