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Current Need - Mama Kit Projects

Updated: Jan 11

Here in Uganda, 25% of teen girls become pregnant before the age of 18. Pregnancy can often be a fearful experience, and the mortality rate for mothers giving birth is increasingly high. How do we choose to respond?

Mama kits provide pregnant women with the resources they need to have an increased chance for a safe delivery. It is common for hospitals or clinics to not be able to provide a clean, safe, or healthy birth for women if the expectant mothers do not outright provide all of the supplies and money for care, themselves. Mama Kits are sterilized self contained kits that an expectant mother carries to the hospital, clinic, or care facility that is to be given over to the person(s) helping her deliver her child-in the hopes of having a clean and healthy, well equipped delivery. These kits include things like sanitized sheets, gloves, scalpel blades, cord ties, soap, and a child health card.

In the summer of 2022, we have been able to provide over 75 mama kits to young women , to some of the registered women we added additional helpful items like basins, diapers and baby blankets. We are so thankful to the Lord for making this dream to further support and help remove some of the anxiety and burdens around giving birth for the women in our area.

We still have a great need in this area. We are continuing to register more expectant mothers but we are looking for donations to help us get more kits into the hands of mamas.

Each kit from the brand that we buy has all of the essentials + some extra helpful stuff.


The cost of a kit is 27,000 UGX (Approximately $7 USD). We are asking for donations of $10 USD per kit . This covers the international cash withdrawal fee + contributes towards the fees and taxes associated with buying the kits in bulk from a Bulk medical supplier.

We love to be able to add on some extra items like newborn diapers + some baby blankets.


For $15 USD we get to give the following gift to a mama in need: Mama Kit, 1 Baby Blanket, 1 Basin for washing all of the extra laundry, 2 Thin swaddling blankets/burp cloths/sheets, a package of newborn pampers.

Please contact us to know how you can help with future mama kit projects. We would love to be able to provide more kits in the year 2022. Click here to take on a fundraising role to help us process a bulk order of kits, or donate the cost of the number of kits that you wish towards the cause.

* Statistics on percentages of teen pregnancies sourced from the 2021/22 Official National Development Plan curated by the government of Uganda

Update * - By the end of 2022 - over 250 mama kits have been funded

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